Closet Witch​/​Euth Split

by Euth/Closet Witch

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released August 1, 2016

Closet Witch:
Vocals: Mollie Piatetsky
Guitar: Alex Crist
Bass: Cory Peak
Drums: Royce Kurth

Recorded and Mixed By:
Alex Crist, Beeth Oven Basement
Mastered By: Alex Crist at his house

Vocals: James Reed
Guitar: Nate Fitzgerald
Bass: Niko Kolis
Drums: Adam Croft

Recorded and Mixed By:
Todd Wilcox, Halogen Sound Studios
Mastered By: Brad Boatright, Audiosiege

Middle Man Records
Sass Bologna Records
React With Protest
Really Rad Records
Contrition Recordings



all rights reserved


euth Laramie, Wyoming

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Track Name: Euth-Violent Reprieve
Struggling to endure
The rigors of returning
Encased in fleshy coils
Disheartened repetition

Flowering, akin to misery

Every word a wound
Every glance a blow
Faring through the ache
of reflection

Sores furrowing synapses
open veins drying in the sun
A pale reproach to life
Persecution ended at the grave

Infatuated lifelessness.
Epitomized destruction
Destroying myself
Keeping me where I should be

Lost in skin,
Alone with rope,
I can't trust myself with me


(Last plee)

Let the world change its light
Let the trapped souls be free
To walk in this time
To walk away leave our shame
Let the difference be safe

I can't alone let the difference be safe

Missey the same.
Track Name: Euth-Blind Rotters
Splinters held like a poison pen
write remiss until I blister

Brow scabbed, picked, bleeding again
The black walls caved in

Consciously ensnared
Beholden to a whisper
Ingrained in mind
far below and
Crawling through me

Dark as sleep
Consuming paint
and concrete

Soil to feed
The blind rotters
Turned teeth

Purge from me
These ruins of defeat

Forgive me
I could have done something

In sharing blood
Faceless and

The worms were once just words
The mutilation just a face

I left you lifeless in a cave